Marc Turina, MPT, CPE

ErgoSmart consultants have provided support for many Fortune 500 companies, helping to reduce injury risk for workers that manufacture many of the products that you use on a daily basis. Contact us today to discuss how we can do the same for your office, manufacturing facility or industrial site.

Principal Consultant

ErgoSmart Consultants was founded in 2007 by Marc Turina, MPT, CPE. As a Pennsylvania licensed physical therapist practicing for thirteen years, Marc learned first hand how pervasive and debilitating work related musculoskeletal injuries had become. A large part of his practice involved work hardening and functional capacity evaluation of injured workers. Experiencing how difficult these injuries can be to treat conservatively and seeing the employee suffering associated with them, Marc began to transition his efforts from the traditional post-injury reactive role of a physical therapist to the proactive approach of an ergonomist. Marc now uses his experience and expertise assisting  employers in their efforts to prevent debilitating and costly musculoskeletal injuries.